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Tutoring and Consulting

Let us bring our “magic” to you personally for our Tutoring or Consulting Services! Our expert trainers and consultants are available to work with you at a convenient location or via the web to provide focused training or solve your specific problems.

If you need special help with any programs that we teach, from fundamentals to expert level classes, we're here to help with our Tutoring services. Tutoring is more expensive on an hourly basis than public enrollment classes, but if time is of the essence to you, this is the fastest and most effective way to get exactly the skills you need to succeed. We can provide Tutoring 1-on-1 or for small groups.

Tutoring for:

Special project that you need expert advice on? Need someone to get in there and just do it all for you? From presentations to spreadsheets, web sites to long documents, don’t waste your time – our consultants know how to get it accomplished quickly!

Consulting on:

Need great results fast? Please contact Sharon Root at (408) 261-2600 or e-mail for more information on setting up your tutoring or consulting sessions!