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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many students are in your classes?

We like to keep our class sizes small to give lots of individual attention to each student. We limit our public class sizes to a maximum of 12-14 students, depending on the classroom. For private corporate group classes, we can teach to larger class sizes at your company’s request, and we may recommend using a teaching assistant to provide enough personal attention for each student.

Where do you teach?

We teach scheduled open-enrollment Public Classes in classrooms at our affiliate locations in San Jose, Santa Clara, San Francisco and Oakland, plus additional locations in the Western United States (you can call us for those other locations). We also send our Instructors out to teach private Corporate Group Classes at your company’s location(s). Our instructors can travel to your remote office locations almost anywhere, and/or we can provide live online webinar training for your remote offices and employee locations around the world. We can also provide you with rental laptops for training in a conference room at your site if you’re not already set up with a computer training room.

What kind of payment options do you offer?

We accept personal checks, company checks and money orders; also Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. We can invoice your company with or without purchase order numbers, as you prefer, if you set up a business credit account with us. Payment in full, or approved payment arrangements, would be required at the time of registration. Cuz we're nice guys, we let you wait to pay up to a week before your class! While credit card information is required at the time of registration, we wait until 5 full business days prior to your class to charge your card, so it’s easy if you need to cancel or reschedule outside the cancellation window.

Do I have to buy a huge number of vouchers in advance to get a corporate discount?

NO! You should never have to pay a year in advance for your corporate group training programs! That's just not good cash flow management for you, and we want you and your company to succeed! With Computer Magic Training, it's pay-as-you-go! And you pay only for what you need now. At the same great discount! Just ask us how!!

What's better for me, public classes or tutoring?

That depends on a number of factors — most importantly, your time and your budget. If time is crucial for you, then tutoring is the fastest and most convenient, effective way to upgrade your skills quickly. With tutoring, many students can learn the same amount of material in about 30% less time than in a public or group class environment — because we are totally focused on your personal training needs and goals. If your budget is more constrained, then Public or Group classes are the more economical option. We'll talk it over with you and help you make the decision that's the best — for you!

What if I want to take a Refresher Class?

Absolutely! You are welcome to take a Free Class Repeat on any non-customized class for up to 6 months after your original class date, as long as your class (subject, version, level) is still being offered in our public class schedule. This benefit applies whether you originally took our class in Public Open-Enrollment at our training facility, or in a Corporate Group Class at our or your company’s location. Your registration will be accepted on a space-available basis, and your seat will be confirmed 3 business days prior to the free class repeat. Free Class Repeats are not transferable to other subjects, versions or levels of classes, or to other people.

What are your Cancellation / Rescheduling Policies?

For Open-Enrollment Public Classes, you can cancel or reschedule at no charge IF you give us more than 7 FULL business days prior to the start of your class. For example, if your class starts on Friday, then you should cancel or reschedule before 5:00 pm on the previous week’s Tuesday (if Monday is a business day) to make the changes at no charge. If you cancel or reschedule within the 7 full business days, or if you don’t show up for class, then you will be charged the full amount of the class now — AND no worries – you can reschedule the class at no additional charge on a space-available basis. So there’s no loss of your tuition investment. These Reschedules are limited to the specific class (topic, level, version) and the same student – Reschedules are not transferable to other classes or other people.

Public Enrollment Classes may be rescheduled or canceled by Computer Magic Training and/or our affiliates if enrollment is low, or may be moved to alternate locations. We make every effort to provide at least 3-5 days advance notification of changes. We reserve the right to correct any inadvertent errors in published class schedules.

For Private Tutoring Sessions, clients may cancel or reschedule with more than 5 full business days without charge. The tutoring session becomes non-cancellable, non-reschedulable and non-refundable 5 full business days prior to the session. Tutoring appointments must be either prepaid or confirmed with a credit card at the time the session is arranged for you.

For Private Corporate Group Classes, clients may reschedule or cancel Group Classes with more than 2 full weeks notice without charge for tuition fees. To reschedule or cancel with 2 weeks or less notice, we may charge 25% of the tuition fees. To reschedule or cancel with 1 week or less notice, we may charge 50% of the tuition fees. To reschedule or cancel the same day of a class, we may charge 100% of tuition fees. If there are custom instructor prep or courseware customization fees quoted for a class, these fees may be charged pro-rated based on percentage completed at the time of cancellation. Customized training materials, partially or fully completed, and their copyrights, remain the property of Computer Magic Training, or its partners, according to applicable copyright.

Any students who are unable to attend after they have been confirmed on the roster or in the headcount within 2 weeks of class date, will be charged for their class. If the class is standard or lightly customized and offered in our Public Enrollment schedule, they would be allowed to make up the class later in our Public Enrollment class dates for up to 6 months later as long as the class is offered - with no loss of tuition. Highly customized or exclusive classes are ineligible for make-ups in public enrollment classes.

If laptop rental arrangements have been made, a cancellation fee of 20% of the total rental fee will be charged with a minimum of $100.00 if the laptop rental order is canceled within 5 full business days of the scheduled laptop equipment shipping date.

If special travel arrangements to non-local client location(s) have been made and non-refundable costs incurred, the client would be responsible for reimbursing any non-refundable costs.

How good are your Instructors?

Our students tell us that all the Computer Magic Instructors are FANTASTIC! We hear that wonderful feedback all the time. We’re extremely picky about the caliber and quality of the Instructors we hire. Our Instructors must have a minimum of 5 years classroom training experience (most of them have 15+ years); we do not hire anything but senior-level, highly talented Trainers. They must also share our passion for teaching through focusing on the needs of the students. They make a real connection with our students, and are able to anticipate when a student might need attention. Their focus is on the student truly learning the material, and delivering what is most relevant and helpful to the goals of each student. Each class is personalized to the individuals in that particular class. Every instructor is capable of and willing to customize the class … to tailor the topics in each class if needed to meet the students’ needs.

What about your Training Facilities?

We no longer utilize our own training facilities and now have affiliate relationships with other training companies for public enrollment classes and classroom rentals for your convenience and one-stop provider selection. We maintain our high standards for affiliate training facilities just as well as for instructors and training results – and we always guarantee your satisfaction.